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Pre-arrival consultation

Prior to your arrival in Canada, we offer a consultation and orientation session to give you a basic idea about your new life in Canada.

The session is approximately 60 minutes either on telephone or in-person to answer any queries related to the following:

▪   General information about your city of destination

▪   Cost of living in your city of destination, including transportation, housing, daily expenses, etc.

▪   Employment related queries

▪   Schooling related queries

▪   Banking and Credit Card queries

▪   List of goods to be carried on arrival or at a later date

▪   Any other queries

Buying health insurance

Depending on which province or territory you decide to make your new home, you may have to wait a period of time before you are eligible for public health insurance. During this time, we offer temporary private health insurance coverage.

In addition, private health insurance is available for services that may not be covered under your province or territory’s health insurance plan. These might include dental costs, private hospital rooms, the cost of prescription drugs, dental care, ambulance services and prescription eyeglasses.

Airport pickup and transportation

Transportation to a pre-arranged accommodation is the first concern of a newcomer upon arrival. As someone who has left his /her home it will give you peace of mind if you know that a professional company is waiting for you at the airport to welcome you to Canada, carry your luggage and transfer you to your pre-arranged accommodation.

Temporary housing

Most of the newcomers do not know Canada. Therefore they don't know where to stay for the first few weeks of their arrival. For your comfort, our company reserves the most suitable and affordable place for you and your family prior to your arrival.

We offer furnished rooms for accommodation for new immigrant, student and traveler going to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.Our facilities are fully furnished with all necessary amenities such as:

▪   High Speed Internet

▪   Radio (AM/FM) Alarm Clock

▪   More Than 20 Local TV Channels

▪   Washer and Dryer

▪   Iron, Ironing Board

▪   Hair Dryer

▪   Fully Equipped Kitchen


Each individual residing in Canada must register with several different organizations in order to carry some necessary documentation. This is the most important part of your residency and settlement in Canada. We will take care of the following matters in a timely manner upon your arrival:

•    Applying for SIN card (Social Insurance Number)

•    Applying for health card

•    Applying for child tax benefit

Employment Services

Employment is an important step in the settlement and integration of immigrants in Canada. Whether you are a newcomer to Canada or experiencing challenges in finding and maintaining work, we have several services and programs to help you with your employment needs.

•    Finding you a mentor

•    Evaluation of foreign credentials;

•    Employment Client Kit - A guide to employment and finding a job in Canada

•    Building a resume

•    Referring to goverment programs and classes

•    Online job search tool

Other initial settlement activities

There are also a lot of other things to be arranged by our professional team, including the following:

•    Opening bank accounts

•    Obtaining credit cards

•    Obtaining land lines, cell phone, internet connection, etc.

•    Applying for drivers license

•    Car rental

•    Tours

•    Buying a car

•    Referrals to insurance agents, doctors, dentists, etc.

•    Registration for international exams like Toefel, Medical Qualification Exam and so on

      Finding proper school for your children